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The Giant Pajamas

Once upon a time long ago, before any of us were born, there lived a great big giant. He was strong and fearless. He was a happy giant and his life was perfect except for one small thing. He could not find any pajamas that were big enough for him. He roamed the countryside in search of pajamas but, wherever he went, the pajamas were too small. He searched high and low but, could not find a tailor with enough cloth to make him any pajamas. He could not find a weaver with enough yarn to weave into cloth. Every night he would go home to his castle feeling very sad.

"I am just too big!", he said to himself as he curled up in his bed wearing the same uncomfortable clothes he always wore, which were made from the hides of twenty thousand elephants.

One morning, as the sun was rising, the giant was awakened by the sound of a great flock of birds outside his window. Each bird held a string in it's beak which was attached to a huge package. The birds lowered the package onto the ground outside his castle and in a moment were gone.

The giant was very excited and ran down the long stone stairway and out of his castle. He ripped open the package and was overjoyed to see that inside it were the biggest pajamas in the world. He took off his elephant hide clothes right there and tried on the pajamas. He pulled on the trousers and he tugged on the sleeves, they went on just fine. but alas................THEY WERE TOO BIG!

The giant fell into despair. He sat down outside his castle and began to weep.

"I will never find a pair of pajamas to fit me.", he wailed. He cried and cried until the whole countryside was flooded and he was swept away in a sea of tears. He swam to a mountaintop and there he fell asleep exhausted, still wearing the huge pajamas. In the morning the sun came up and the land began to dry out. The pajamas dried out too and while the giant slept, they shrank, until they fit him perfectly.

When he awoke, he was amazed.

"What magic is this?", he smiled and he slept happily ever after.

A story from The Music Room

Copyright 2006 Paul C Williams